Lot Qty Description
40881polk audio speaker
40891lighted display cabinet w/ 4 shelves
40901military locker
40911metal fold out stool
40921box of antique art + reference books
40931vintage xmas lights in boxes + string
4094117 vintage linen embroidered kerchiefs
40951Vtg Cut Wood handpainted Disney art of Donald + Pinocchio
40961charms , coins, davy crockett watch + more
409714 doll couches + 1 doll
40981white painted magazine table
40991steam engine pipe / part molds
41001kenmore sewing machine in table w/ extras
41011hanging handpainted display cabinet
41021art - Antique etching by A.H. Ritchie
41031Kennedy Tool Box w/ items Swaptop Grind Saw
4104114K Yellow Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring - 3.2g Total Wgt
41051sterling silver Tigers Eye ring w/ adjustable band
4106110K yellow gold onyx unisex ring - Sz 6, 6.5g Total Wgt
4107110K Yellow Gold Ruby White Topaz Ring - Sz 4, Total Wgt 1.8g
4108110K Yellow Gold Sapphire Diamond Ring - Sz 5, Total Wgt 2.1g
4109110K Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Ring - sz 8.5, Total Wgt 2.3g
41101oil on canvas abstract in blues /whites
41111swap top tool + tool chest w/ items
41121art - the 4 seasons of life in middle ages
41131large red, white , cream rug - outside
41141mid century table top metal lamp
479013 vases, metal bowl, vase , plate + more
48511Paul Delongpre 3d cutout art