Lot Qty Description
39061crate barrel drop leaf table
39071antique traveling trunk w/ insert
39081art - hand colored etching of see saw
39091original art of arches
39101whale harpoons decor
391112 pre columbian pieces - pottery figure + textile
39141wooden upholstered armchair
39151TR32 Treadmill
391713 books - the art of amy brown + More
39191oil on canvas by Jose Criubet
39241art -flying birds
40001asst costume jewelry
40011asst watches
40021cranberry stemware , 2 vases
40031large asian themed platter
40041asst thimbles
40051yellow glass bowls + Platter
40061pink plate, asian tins, vase w/ flowers + more
40071tea set w/ tray - strawberry design
40081coffee mugs, clock, teapot, cake cover + more
400913 small clocks
40101asst red / white + blue / white china , wine stoppers + more
40111asst colored glass items + clear glassware
40121metal candle holders + metal serving item
40131white pottery pitcher + bowl
40141'Grace' victoria digital radio
401515 lightup xmas decors, inflatable snowman
401615 suitcases
40171black decker electric trimmer
40181wire basket
40191asst starwars figures in boxes, zombie toys
40201vintage doll in peach colored dress
402112 coin collectors maps
40221soaring santa + snowman on ice + more
40231orange life vest
40241asst glass items - pink toilet + more
40251asst china - plates, platters, candlesticks + more
40261asst electronics - cd player, ear buds, flashlight + more
402712 strobe lights
40281pottery, saw, 2 baskets, metal items + more
40291asst jewelry - cameo ring, necklaces + more
403013 boxes of doll patterns + more
40311fox racing suit + asst stickers
40321metal basin w/ asst metal items , bag
40331asst carnival glass + white milk glass bowl
40341wooden table top clock
403513 shadow boxes
40361asst music posters
403713 tennis racquets
40381box w/ asst glass lab items - thermometers + more (inspect)
40391polycom phone system
404012 asian art, book + decors
40411asian necklace, hermes perfume + more
40421box of old bottles - Bireley's + more
40431brass wall sconce w/ prisms
40441repurposed wooden shelves + more
40451asst glassware - green, carnival , yellow + pink
40461asst s/p items - platters, trays, bowls + more
40471tub of xmas items , 4 boxed lighted items
40481white trunk w/ compartments
404912 boxes of xmas lights
40501tub of asst kitchen items
405112 milkglass bottles w/ stoppers, clear glassware + more
40521asst ephemera - reef hotel menu, photos, songbooks + more
40531vintage fan, iron, scooper + Dior perfume
40541asst costume jewelry + pearls
40551blue glass elephant lamp
40561vintage porcelian bball boy on bench
405712 red handpainted wine stems, blue glass bowl + decanter
40581thumbprint tumblers + more
40591box of asst electrical cords + blacklights
40601tub of asst clothes - sarong, coat + more
40611box w/ 2 art + frames
40621large box w/ asst xmas decors
406313 work lamps , 1 stand (works)
4063A1(6) Asst Barbies new old stock in boxes
40641rose quartz necklace
40651chinese natural carved rose necklace + earrings
40661carved bone necklace
406713 art items - Le Chat, tower photo + what is a girl?
40681art - blk /white of china town
40691art - framed pic of horses + feather
40701art - chokin engraved metal art
40711art - Sherrie Russell - Signed #d Duck Lithograph
40721art - asian themed men w/ fishing boats
40731art - oil on board of ocean scene
407414 plastic xmas decors
40751wooden framed mirror w/ faux grapes
40761wooden rocker w/ upholstered seat
407713 large paper mache deer
40781wooden crate
40791painted trunk in goldish color
40801metal folding cart
40811metal rolling cart
40821small bluish round table
40831small 3 drawer end table in blue
40841small metal table w/o top
40851pr black end tables
40861adjustable shelf storage unit
40871pr of home stereo speakers