Lot Qty Description
36551tray - Easter Themed platters, cups / saucers + more
36571tray - blue brown glass bottles, vases + green glass bowl
36601tray - metal stemware
36631tray - asst handpainted china, bowls , cups / saucers + more
36641tray - Hand made vase, basket top clay vase + more
36701queen sized bedspread (cream colored)
36711tray - asst blue / white dishes, 2 glass vases
36721tray - asst amber + green glass
36731handpainted bowl, carved figural statue
368212 art , 2 wood items
36851box of fake flowers
36881plum themed pottery - sugar / creamer, cannister + more
36931tray - star wars lego, samsung 3d glasses , books, cars + more
36941vintage / antique Abe Lincoln books + more
369514 spawn action figures in boxes
36961tray - footed metal bowl, wooden duck item, candy dish + more
37011tray - photos, basket, glass / metal lamp cover + more
37021knee brace + small backpack
37041tray - asst Asian china, green covered urn + more
3706134" Garnet Necklace
37071small metal tray w/ asst items - glass mug, more
37091Heidi Daus crystal fish watch
37131comic strip covered metal chair
37191art - framed photo
37211art - 2 framed asian landscapes w/ marks
37231art -2 tissue paper
37251art - landscape scene w/ mountains
37261art - large dark colored art in asian theme -framed
37361antique gilt picture frame w/ light
37371pr of antique chairs
37381vanity mirror
373912 wooden childs chairs
375115 civil war posters
37531mid century lithograph by 'Viola Allen' w/ info on back
37551art- houses on lake w/ park
375612 art items - snow scene, farm scene
37611black flowered lamp
38001Asian Lamp w/o Shade
38011MCM Russian Vodka drinking Set, Wood Candlesticks + Box
38021Tray - Cranberry Glass, Mug, Ashtray + Book
38031tray - blue /red plates, plastic handled flatware + more
38041Asst Books - Set of John Stoddards Lectures
38051tray- Holly Hobbie & Precious Moments
38061tray- flatware + painted glass panels
38081tray - 5 porcelain dolls
38101spitoon, wooden item, misc
381312 porcelain dolls in victorian style
381412 Jim Beam collectors decanters
38151metal tray w /asst metal items , china dish + more
38161porcelain doll - fancy white dress w/ bow
381713 baby dolls (2 are girls 1 is boy)
381912 dolls - the bitty twins w/ books
38201box of 6 asst dolls
38211red purse, small makeup bag
38221large metal coffee / tea pot -
38231pleasant co. american girl Bitty Babies
38241shoe polish w/ brushes kit
38251small wooden screen
38261gypsy doll
38271china plates / cups, 2 glass goblets + glass dish
382814 xmas dolls
382912 shelves of silverplated items
38301red / white polka dot umbrella + wooden walking stick
38311framed + unframed doll heads
383414 ashton drake dolls in boxes w/ certs
38351vintage ceramic heating elements in apple crate
38371doll clothes kits in bags
38381small stack of unframed art - some plastic covers
383913 round storage boxes , 1 xmas box
384012 dolls - 1 has red hair, 1 teary eyed
38461asst Pez Dispensers
38481asst doll heads, animals, hands + more
384912 porcelain Angel Dolls
38511asst asian items - vases, incense burner, bowls, more
385315 victorian era dolls
38561rabbit cookie jar
385714 collectors plates - Rockwell, Knowles, Reco , 1 more
386212 boxes doll files - patterns + etc
38631(2) 'I Love You' Dolls - boy + girl
38651wooden + stone elephant figures + more
38671chunky amethyst necklace
38691Replica LeMat Confederate Non-Firing Revolver
387411920s fabric wall hanging
38761art - large acrylic on canvas of villager w/ sack
38771art - 3 framed abstract
38781art - lovely watercolor of pink flowers
38791art - signed whimsical folk art
38841art - oil on canvas of snowy mountain landscape
38851art - framed print of Venezia - Ca. 1930s
38861art -signed litho by 'Virgina Hughins'
3887111 asst art items
38891art - large oil / canvas of castle on water
38911art -signed Thai Artwork Gouche w/ Gold Leaf by 'Dheppratum'
38921art -romanus castrorum proefectus
38931art - blue butterfly on blue flowers
38941art - listed artist 'Dorothy Cutter' Serigraph
38961slat sided table w/ 2 drawers
38971handwoven karistan area rug 5' x 3'
389812 asian boxes, blue white vase, wooden carving
390014 english royalty commemorative porcelain