Lot Qty Description
32201asst clear glassware, polkadot pitcher + more
32211plastic serving tray, condiment dish + more
322513 bell xmas trees, 3 xmas decors
32321asst decanters - ARizona, vases, more
32341doll, dog, bear + fox puppet
32351frame, mug, beads, jewelry + more
32361metal tray w/ teapot, red glass vase, clock + more
32401asst Corelle plates , bowls , wine glasses + more
32411metal goblet, serving trays, covered dish + more
32421asian bowl filled w/ metal lids
324314 asst art + 1 framed degree
32471glass bowl, vase, bubble glass, blue frosted glass
32511antique / vintage dolls
325414 decanters - cyrus noble, kahlua + more
32571wine decanter, kahlua decanter + 2 others
32581turkey decanter, poker decanter, navy decanter + more
32621wedding barbie doll
32651handpainted russian plate + crystal bowl
32681easy share by Kodak
32701asst books - western art + more
32751doll w/ purple dress in chair
32791asst asian items - bowls, brass trivits, more
32801asst asian items - mask, metal bowl, teapot + more
32851asst glasses - lamp, belt buckle + more
32881asst glassware, bird figure, shell jewelry + more
32901lot of asst kitchen items - colander, coffee pot, pitcher + more
329317 metal mugs, wood art, decanter, more
329713 decanters - betsy ross, old crow + buffalo
329912 blue asian platters
33001Dunning Figural lamps - Betsy Ross
33041asian carved figure
33071Champleve vase
33141aluminum griddle, white dish, bowl + bird
33151pear decor, lady statue, pot + birds
332812 door cabinet
33321industrial paper cutter
33341orange plastic chair
33361visionary art
33401art - old town stockholm
33411art - asian scene (no frame)
340713 seal collectible decanters
34081Dali Galanude
34131civil war era style hardtack biscuit, canteen
34151(9) Star Wars, Transformers + Beast Machine Toys in packages
341612 seal collectible decanters
34231small tub of asst mens ties
34241asst stemware, glass bowl, platter, storage box + more
342516 asst art items
343116 Incan collectible decanters
34341tray - brown glass pitcher, asst figures, english blue willow
343512 Italian hen tureens, 6 mugs
343616 asst collectible decanters - fiddler, boat + more
34421ceramic basket , pitcher, 2 pots, wine glasses
34461asst costume jewelry - Graziano , Milor + more
350118 books - chambers encyclopedias
35041tray lot - silverplated items - bowl, flatware, pitcher + more
351415 collectors decanters - geese, fish, moose
35151art - egg decoration, metal dish, holy land + more
3525110 collectors decanters of Asian people
35261amber glass vase, wooden candlesticks, pitcher + more
35281elephant bookends, covered dish, china + more
353811950s sterling silver bracelet + earrings by La Cucuracha
35431asst rings + pearl necklace
35451vintage Scottish Celtic pin w/ stones by 'Miracle'
35561art - Signed Watercolor by Laura C.Furman
35581art - sunflowers
35591art - landscape of red trees
35611Mid Century Syroco Starburst wall clock
35631art- ceramic the last supper decor
35661art- Whistle Stops
35701art- oil on canvas of ocean scene
357113 bolts of fabric - 1 is ralph lauren
35741handmade Nichols Chinese Rug
35851art - oil on canvas of hydranga
35871wedding dress
35911telescope in box
36021PR blue Blenko ashtrays
36041Asian lady on stand
360911/2 shelf of asst china
36161lot of silverplated items - pitcher, covered dish + more
36181xmas pillows, basket w/ xmas items
362115 collectible circus decanters
36221box w/ paper lanterns + 2 lamps
36241MCM china w/ sunburst pattern
36261tray - asst china cups / saucers, berry bowls + more
36271franciscan ivy dishes + more
362914 rolls wrapping material
36321budweiser sign
36341tray - asst china cups, 4 stemware + more
36351tray - 2 cannisters , bowl, pottery vase, tea set + more
36361tray - china creamer / sugar, blue white plates + more
363814 collectible circus decanters
36421asst metal items- statue, candlestick + more
36441tray - stemware, glass trays, vase, bowl + more
36451artichoke plates, asst glass vase / stoppers + more
36461stemware, glass bowls, metal platters + more
36471HP monitor
36481samsung tv
36501lot of books - 'The New Wonder Word' set
36541pasta machine w/ attachments