Lot Qty Description
101512 metal goblets, doll, tea tin, candy dish + more
10171fake flowers in square green vase
10461metal plant roller
10551asian style lamp w/o shade
10651asian themed plates, mugs w/ faux flies + more
10871lightup santa figure
10881stoneware crock lamp w/ shade
10921asian charger, statue , figure, + more
11121art -asian people around the table
11141art - B&B cartoon
11281kirby generation 3 vacuum / shampoo
11371tiered art shelf
13371art - Sake by 'Hayward'
13511Pr. Antique Hunting engravings
1367A1punch bowl w/ cups + ladle
1413A1lamp w/ glass top + metal base (no shade)
1457A1double sided 4 panel asian screen
14881brown ceramic lamp on stand
15031american flag
1677A1tall wooden 5 shelf cabinet
1804A1asian china, mexican pottey, mask + more
1818A1honda motorcycle parts
18401pile of asst framed art
18531stack of framed art
18791lamp w/ metal / white base + shade
19261'Alfred Meakin' English China
1941A1military bags
19861hand weaved / embroidered mexican art on cloth / canvas
20331asst Stemware, glass platter
21181asst 'The Wolf' sculptures
21211asst clear glass - goblets, candleholders, more
21241asst clear glass items - egg plate, cups, more
21251asst china, creamer, goldish bowl, bank , more
21311watercolor of street scene + blk/ white ink item
21551asst china cups, creamers, measuring cups + more
21671art - winter street scene
22711display cabinet w/ glass shelves
232011965 signed oil on canvas
23241large landscape oil - signed liggett
23301surrealism art for cd cover
23491modern 1 drawer cabinet
24051tall metal vases, glass vase, small asian jar, more
24251flowered plates, bowls, cups w/ ladle , wash basin
24371carved candleholders, panda bank, small lamp , more
24541pink china cup/ saucer, glassware
24581asst travel games, poker chips, crayons, more
24611panasonic sound system w/ speakers
24731hanging glass lamp green / white
24741art - signed #d nude of woman by Tebo
24831asst photos in plastic , metal plate
25111gibson china dinnerware
25211japanese figural lamp
25311wooden advertising newspaper items
25531signed 1950s photo of Mels Diner
25581hoover vacuum
25841pr tiered end tables / side tables
30031metal tea set (4pcs.)
30071coca cola tin, 6pk bottles
30171asst decanters - Harolds Club + more
30201spanish doll + fan, metal bowl, plate + more
30301(6) place settings dinnerware - county wheat
30331asst stuffed bears, rollerskates, lunchbox + more
30341asst collectors decanters - football player, elephant + more
30371philips + Sony DVD, CD Players
30421asst vhs movies + more
305211956 santa cruz fair award
305812 oil paintings - city scene, village scene
30601asst vintage / new xmas items - globes + more
30651asst collectors decanters - civil war themed, american legion, duck + more
30661asst collectors decanters - cyrus noble mine + others
307013 clown collectors decanters
30721asst collectors decanters - mountain lion, telephone + more
30741lamp w/ lace beaded shade
30751elephant clock
308112 ceramic masks, 2 wood painted masks, bowl / spoon + more
30871doll cradle + doll
309112 asian figures, incense burner on stands
30991art - 2 girls by piano
31011art - photo print of lighthouse by water
31031asst collectors decanters - old crow, woodpecker, barrel + more
31111art - signed Victorian etching
31121art -2 asian wood /stone art
31151art -Aries Glass Art + Wooden art of boat
31161art - Curious George item
312114 collectors decanters - political
31221asst collectors decanters - ruby glass, martha washington + more
313014 collectors decanters - fox, 2 buffalo , mountain lion
313114 collectors decanters of winter olympics
31471art - men at sea
31491art - asian lady in green
3163110K Yellow Gold Onyx Ring w/ Small Diamond - Sz 5.5, Total Wgt 3.3g
3164114K White Gold Topaz Ring - Sz 4, 5.9g Total Wgt
3167114K Gold Filigree Cameo Ring - Sz 4.75
31681Victorian Mouring Ring w/ Onyx - Sz 6
31711art deco marble base bronze pheasants
31761tub of vintage electronics
32021carved asian figure
32051metal items - candle, magnifying glass + more
32121asst vases, pottery, clock + more
32131small stack asst Vinyl Records